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walking The Camino Ingles (English way)

I recently embarked on an eight-day journey along the Camino Ingles route, also known as the Camino English Way of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. We then walked onwards through Galicia towards Finisterre, which in old times was thought to be “the end of the world”. The stages of the Camino Ingles are relatively straight forward and easy to follow. I have included details in my Camino Ingles blog making the walking stages easy to navigate.

Camino Ingles Overview

  • Distance - 116km
  • How long does it take to walk - 4/5 days dependant on your walking pace
  • From - Ferrol
  • To - Santiago de Compostela
  • Where can I stay? - Albergues, Hostels and hotels.
  • How much does it cost ? - About €30 to €40 Euros a day
  • Is the route way marked ? - Yes it is well signposted by yellow shells and arrows
  • Is the route way marked ? - Yes it is well signposted by yellow shells and arrows
  • Can a beginner walk The Camino Ingles - Absolutely !

Where do I start walking the Camino Ingles ?

The English Way Camino has 2 traditional starting points in A Caruna and Ferrol. These routes were traditionally taken by pilgrims from Northern Europe on their journey to Santiago de Compostela. Most people start their Camino Ingles in Ferrol, Galicia  and is a fantastic camino for pilgrims that like a quieter experience walking through the most beautiful countryside of northern Spain. Along the way I encountered amazing views, heard strange stories from fellow pilgrims and even got lost once or twice! 

The Camino Ingles stages route gives pilgrims the opportunity to cover the last 100km into Santiago de Compostela and be eligible to receive a credencial certificate for completing The Camino de Santiago. For a pilgrim to receive this they have to have walked at least a 100km on any of the camino routes into Santiago de Compostela. Walking from A Caruna doesn’t qualify for a credential unless you have documented proof you have walked the Celtic Camino in Ireland.The Camino Ingles differs from the Camino del Norte which is tougher and the Camino Frances which is the more travelled route for lots of Pilgrims as it is a shorter route and is also a far less travelled pilgrimage. If you want a quiet walk in the countryside this could be the walk for you !

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The Camino Ingles Terrain

The walking terrain on The Camino Ingles is mostly hilly with the first few days skirting the beautiful Galician coastline. There are days with some ascents and descents as well as some road and path walking although on one day of my Ingles walk I didn’t see another Pilgrim all day. Perfect if you want to be alone with your own thoughts.

When is the best time to walk The Camino Ingles

Galicia is a lush countryside that has its fair share of rain throughout the year. I walked the ‘English Way’ in May and got wet a few days but it was really warm at the same time. In my experience walking the route in May through September would be the best time to enjoy this amazing camino experience.

Accommodation on the English Way

There are numerous hotels in Ferrol at the start of The Camino Ingles that make the evening before you start your journey relatively easy. Some these hotels are Hotel La Frontera, Pension La Parra, Hotel Almendra, Hotel America to name a few.

Along the way there are public and private Albergues and some hotels. from my experience I always found a bed for the night and hd no worries about accommodation. I always suggest walking with a guidebook to help with accommodation identification at your destination.

Do I need a Camino Guidebook ?

I have walked numerous Camino’s and always take a guidebook on the walk with me. After days walking I always like to plan out my route and destination for the next day as well as choosing my accommodation. Talking with other pilgrims is also a great source of information to help with planning. If you are struggling with your planning every Albergue has a Hospitalero who can help with ay questions and point you in the right direction. I find them invaluable.

On The Camino Ingles I used A Pilgrims guide to The Camino Ingles by John Brierley 

Is there a backpack transfer service ?

Whilst the majority of pilgrims walk with their backpacks the whole way to Santiago there are services to help walkers who need some help getting their backpack or luggage from town to town. Its a simple service and works effortlessly. All you need to do when leaving your Albergue or Hotel is fill out a form letting the delivery service know which Albergue or Hotel you are heading for and then tag your bags with the fee as well.  The delivery service will pick up the bags and deliver to your destination leaving you to walk at your leisure. A couple of these services are as follows:

The Spanish Postal Service, El Camino Con Correos, has a baggage transfer service covering all Camino routes.

JacoTrans also has a transfer service covering The Camino Frances.

Camino Ingles Walking Stages

I’ve detailed the the day by day walking stages of The Camino Ingles from my experience and you can read about each stage, distances and accommodation recommendations as I walked from Ferrol to Santiago de Compostela and onwards on The Camino Finisterre to the ‘end of the world.

camino passport

Day 2 Overview Distance – 38.7 km Starting Point – Mino Finishing Point – Hospital de Bruma Terrain – undulating and off road a lot of the day Steps. – …

The start of the Camino Ingles

Day 1 – Overview Distance – 32km Starting Point – Ferrol Finishing Point – Mino Terrain – undulating off and on road Steps – 50,000 steps Calories – 4,500 Flights …

Day 3 – Overview Distance – 26km Staring Point – Hospital de Bruma Finishing Point – Sigueiro Terrain – relatively flat and on road Steps – 39,000 Calories – 4.500 …

cottage on The Camino Ingles

day 4 – Overview Distance – 16km Starting Point – Sigueiro Finishing Point – Santiago de Compostela Terrain – mainly flat and road walking Steps – Calories – Flights of …


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