My Top 5 books about the Camino de Santiago

Are you looking to be inspired by fascinating books about the Camino de Santiago or are you looking to carry out some research about walking a camino route to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Then this is where we come in as we love reading and reviewing books about El Camino de Santiago.

We have reviewed several amazing books about the Camino de Santiago and the journey on this famous pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Northern Spain, and I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I did.

Books about Camino de Santiago

The list of books about The Camino de Santiago pilgrimage is astonishing and many authors make it onto recommended lists time after time. I have read and reviewed various publications and books about the Camino on a regular basis as part of my research into the Camino, especially before taking my first steps on the Pilgrim trail along The Camino Frances in 2016.

I still monitor new publications and books each year as a Pilgrims guide and review Camino books on a regular basis. Since then I have walked The Camino Ingles, Camino Del Norte and The Camino Frances for a second time and always use some amazing pilgrims guidebooks along the way.

After taking in all the experiences I have had, I have recommended my Top 5 Camino books that explore life on ‘the Way’. They will help you understand what this amazing adventure involves and help you decide which of The Camino routes to take when walking to Santiago de Compostela. Hopefully reading through some of these books will also help you understand how much fun this trip can be as a Pilgrim. I truly believe it brings out the best version of everyone that walks this magnificent pilgrimage.

The Only Way is West

A great book about the camino de Santiago

I love this book about the Camino Frances written by Bradley Chermside about his journey along French route of The Camino de Santiago starting from Saint Jean Pied de Port.

Its a fun, witty story about his travels along the Camino Frances route and the people he meets along the way. 

I am sure you’ll love this funny read as much as I did.

El Camino de Santiago Pilgrim's Podcast

I had the pleasure to be interviewed on the podcast El Camino de Santiago Pilgrim’s Podcast hosted by Bradley Chermside, author of The Way is West. We talked about all the various Camino de Santiago routes and distances as well as tips and advise about how things actually work on The Camino especially adjusting to life in albergues and hostels. 

Enjoy listening to Episode 28 called Camino Frances, Norte or Ingles ? on Spotify


A Wild Woman's guide to The Camino de Santiago

a wild woman guide to The Camino de Santiago

Pack your walking boots for The Camino de Santiago. It’s never too early to learn more about The Camino and prepare for a journey of a lifetime.

Learn everything you need to know about The Camino de Santiago from author of ‘Wild Woman’ Samantha Wilson.

Read the Wild Woman’s guide and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

A Pilgrims guide to The Camino de Santiago

pilgrims guide to the Santiago de compostela

This was easily the best guidebook I have used on all my Camino’s. The maps in the Brierley Camino guide are easy to follow, with detailed descriptions and up to date recommendations. 

John Brierley has meticulously researched each walking stage of The Camino Frances and as a result you will know what kind of route, distance and elevation profile to expect each day. In addition it provides helpful listings of albergues, hostels and hotels along the way as well as cafes and bars etc.

Finding a new way on The Camino de Santiago

Pilgrim - finding a new way on The Camino de Santiago

Pilgrim is a coming of (middle) age tale. the story is ultimately one of transformation, rebirth and redemption and is written with warmth and honesty by Carolyn Gillespie. 

Pilgrim shows what can happen when we jump off the path we are on and step into a new one, when nothing looks the same. This book is well written and a great read for any Pilgrim

The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho

the road to santiago paulo coelho

A Camino classic ! The  Pilgrimage is a 1987 novel by Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho and is a recollection of his experiences as he made his way across northern Spain.

The novel serves as part adventure story and part guide to self discovery. I think this is a must read for all Pilgrims contemplating walking to Santiago. Enjoy the read !

My Camino de Santiago experience

I have been walking routes on The Camino de Santiago since 2016 and really love the calmness and stress free environment it possesses. Top Tip If you need some time out from a hectic life and just need to get away from it all, The Camino de Santiago is for you!

Have a read of some of my walking travels along various routes of the Camino de Santiago which have been both enlightening as well as amazing. The camaraderie of pilgrims on the road is something to behold and I would recommend walking The Camino de Santiago to anyone. 

Ive just walked my favourite part of the Camino Frances from Saint Jean Pied du Port to Burgos in 9 days and it was, as always, a fantastic journey. Enjoy the read about the best 9 days walking the Camino Frances.

I am also reviewing three new books about the Camino de Santiago and one that has recently been re released from an original issue in the 1980’s called a ‘Hug for the Apostle”. 

To say the Camino Frances has changed since the 80’s is an understatement ! More details to follow on those books.

Things to do in Santiago de Compostela

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