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Check out The American Pilgrims on the Camino website as its a fantastic Camino de Santiago resource for all Pilgrims wanting to walk the Camino. You can join the organisation and attend meetings before and after your Camino.

The Gronze website is a really good resource especially for determining distances between villages and stages etc so you can map out your walks. It is a Spanish site but the resources are well used by many Pilgrims on their journey to Santiago de Compostela

The Confraternity of St James is a great resource and organisation to be part of and is the only dedicated Camino charity in the UK. They provide advice and reassurance for Pilgrims before they go, provide hospitality when they stay in CSJ albergues, and a community of like minded people to come back to.

Nancy Reynolds of the Camino Experience is a camino guide, podcaster and blogger. If you need a guide to walk with on the Camino check out this great site.

The Canadian Company of Pilgrims is an organisation supporting Canadians wanting to walk the pilgrimage to Santiago.

The Post Office of Spain, Con Correos, has a website that is jam packed full of online resources for Pilgrims who want to walk the Camino. The site contains maps, route details, distances and full details of baggage transfer and storage options in Santiago de Compostela.  they have a section called ‘tips from a postman’ which has some really valuable advise.

The official Pilgrims office in Santiago de Compostela has information on Pilgrim mass, credentials and other info as well as the number of Pilgrims finishing the Camino.

Check out The Camino Cafe Podcast hosted by the lovely Leigh Brennan. Its a great platform to hear stories from Pilgrims about their journey on The Camino de Santiago

Check out the walking and biking trips of They provide biking and Walking holidays in Spain and Portugal and organise trips on the Camino Frances, Camino Portuguese, Camino Finisterre, Camino del Norte and also walking holidays in Menorca, Mallorca and Picos de Europa. You are in good hands, they provide a personal service and contact: before, during and after your trip!

Check out these great Blogs

Check out The Hallowed Way  John & Laura are two newlywed pilgrims who want to share our experiences with you walking The Camino Portuguese

Read a great Blog Spanish for The Camino Lots of cultural information, camino recipes, festivals and route info.

Follow Kelli  and her Viva Espana blog. Read about her moving to Spain and opening an Albergue to serve Pilgrims on the walk to Santiago. 

The Camino Provides is a great place to celebrate the Camino de Santiago and the Pilgrim Journey.

Emma writes for the Priviliged Pilgrims website for Pilgrims that like private rooms, luggage transfer and are happy to splurge on good food and wine. 

Check out the writing and thoughts on the Camino de Santiago by Bert Syview at his Spotted Blog

The Trepidatious Traveller blog by Maggie is a great read and is mentioned in Lonely Planet twice.

One Step then Another is a great Camino resource and author Kevin Donahue also has written the book, Sacred Steps, as well as a podcast. A great Pilgrim trekker to learn from.

Check out Love at First Adventure by Tristina for some great tips on the Camino and a very thorough guide.

The Stingy Nomads have a lot of great advice for anyone wanting to walk this pilgrimage.

Camino products

The Pilgrim Pouch

Developed by Amanda Shaffer and years in the making. The Pilgrim Pouch has been developed and tested on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail in Spain. Made with eco-friendly fabrics the Pilgrim Pouch is perfect for carrying essentials while hiking, biking, traveling, & strolling around town. Check out Amanda’s shop and find a great Camino product for your journey to Santiago de Compostela.

Camino Planner & Journal

If you are looking for a detailed planner and journal to record your training before your Camino Frances and capture everything whilst on Camino, I have written the perfect Camino planner for you. Check them out on Amazon.

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There are some fabulous podcasts about The Camino de Santiago that help with research, planning and preparation fo the walk of your life ! I have been lucky enough to feature as a guest on the El Camino de Santiago Pilgrim Podcast talking about my experiences walking lots of different routes on varying Camino’s. Have a listen and hope you enjoy. Any questions please contact me and I’ll be happy to respond and help

backpack transfer Service

Whilst the majority of pilgrims walk with their backpacks the whole way to Santiago there are services to help walkers who need some help getting their backpack or luggage from town to town. Its a simple service and works effortlessly. 

All you need to do when leaving your Albergue or Hotel is fill out a form letting the delivery service know which Albergue or Hotel you are heading for and then tag your bags with the fee as well.  The delivery service will pick up the bags and deliver to your destination leaving you to walk at your leisure. A couple of these services are as follows:

The Spanish Postal Service, El Camino Con Correos, has a baggage transfer service covering all Camino routes.

JacoTrans also has a transfer service covering The Camino Frances.


Travel by bus in Spain is really easy and affordable. Check out ALSA for details

Travel by Rail throughout Spain. Check our RENFE for details.

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