Camino Finisterre Day 1

We’re walking on the Camino Finisterre Day 1 and hoping to get to the end of the World in 4 days.

The Camino Finisterre is approximately 91km long from Santiago de Compostela to Finisterre. Some Pilgrims then go on to Muxia to celebrate their Camino journey with some even burning their walking shoes in a completion celebration on the rocks at Finisterre or Muxia.

Camino FinisterRe Day 1 - overview

  • Distance – 11km
  • From – Santiago de Compostela
  • To – Ventosa
  • Min/Max Elevation – 114m/253m 
  • Elevation gain – 240m

This pilgrimage is an extension that we have added onto the Camino Ingles walking from Ferrol to Santiago de Compostela, which was a 4 day walk and decided to continue on the the ‘end of the world‘ in Finisterre and through our walking sticks into the Atlantic Ocean.

The Camino Finisterre can be completed in 3/4 days as as we are doing a short day after finishing El Camino Ingles we’ll be finishing the remainder of the walk in 3 days.

After completing the Camino Ingles we left Santiago de Compostela after lunch and headed out towards Ventosa. We have approximately 91km to go to get to the ‘end of the world’ in Finisterre and are really looking forward to this part of our journey.

Throughout my journey on the Camino Ingles I found a number of abandonded football pitches and the Camino Finisterre was no different.  I found another football stadium, FC Villestere. That’s 5 Galician football grounds now.

Galician football ground

The walk from Santiago on route to Ventosa was very wet and it rained most of the way and we never took our Poncho’s of until we arrived at our destination for the evening.

We walked through forests and villages and were amazed how green this part of Spain is.  The atmosphere is really lush and green with Camino symbols at every turn you make.

a rainy day on the Camino Finisterre

When I started my first journey on the Camino Frances my son Charlie gives me a special Lego Camino guy to bring with me on every Camino I walk and here’s a pic I took for him. 

He has the same Lego figure by his bed and I love this picture.

lego man on The Camino Finisterre

Our accomodation for the evening was a fantastic house run by a couple and we booked dinner with them tonight. It was Paella and the meal was fantastic. 

We had a meal with other pilgrims and our company at dinner was with Maria and Sandy from Quebec and Alabama. 

As nearly always on the Camino we talked about our journeys and travels so far and also covered off the question that is always asked ‘Why are you walking the Camino‘ ?

Our host at Casa Camino Santiago was Julian and his wife and they were amazing ! The food and conversation was really good.

We had our own 3 bed multiple level room and had a brilliant nights sleep. I recommend staying here if your journey permits.

Having a good nights sleep is so precious on the Camino and you have to take them where you can. The Casa Camino Santiago lets you have that.

We were up at 6am and on the road for 6.45am as we had a long day ahead of us walking 35km to Santa Marina.

The Camino Finisterre Day 1 was a great start after The Camino Ingles. Details of the Camino Finisterre Day 2 are detailed below to follow our journey.

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