Camino Finisterre Ventosa to Santa Marina

After a short day walking The Camino Ingles to Santiago and a short walk to Ventosa we have about 90km left to walk on the Camino Finisterre Day 2 and are heading to Santa Marina.

Camino Finisterre Day 2 Overview

  • Distance – 35km
  • From – Ventosa
  • To – Santa Marina
  • Min/Max Elevation – 50m/427m
  • Elevation gain – 560m
  • Steps – 50,000

Our first stop for breakfast was closed as was the second and we ended up doing 13km before we found somewhere. 

We always plan our walking days one day at a time. By using our Camino Ingles guidebook and camino map we check elevation and accommodation to decide on a village or town we want walk to.

We have found that this walking strategy has worked on every camino we have done and works a treat. There is also recommendations from other Pilgrims to take into account as this is invaluable information.

Luckily there doesn’t seem to be a bed race on The Camino Finisterre anyway. The ‘bed race‘ on the Camino Frances can get very busy especially if you leave your accomodation later in the morning, which I would advise against.

In my opinion getting an early start on any Camino is a positive experience for the following reasons:

  • You will see some amazing early morning sunrise’s
  • You will walk mainly in the cooler mornings
  • Finding a bed is relatively easy
  • Enjoy a beer in the afternoon sun. (I like this one)
Trasmonte FC
Trasmonte FC

Throughout our pilgrimage on the Camino Ingles I found lots of abandoned football pitches so I was on the look out for more. 

On Day 2 of the Camino Finisterre I found the remains of the Tresmonte FC football pitch. Rusted goals and totally overgrown. I had to walk through a field to get to it.

Our first 2 hours walking was very cloudy weather but there wasn’t any rain which was a real bonus. We eventually arrived into Negriera and had a very nice breakfast.

Pilgrims having breakfast on the Camino

After filling up on breakfast in Negreira we left town and started a section of the Camino Finisterre that is very green and beautiful. As we left the outskirts of the town we spotted a great picture opportunity.  

Question: Which band’s album does this remind you of ?

Pilgrims walking through a camino village

Shortly after this the heavens opened and we had to get our Poncho’s out again. Reminder: always make sure you have a poncho or lightweight rain gear with you when walking in Galicia as it does rain a lot.

I always keep mine at the top of my pack just in case.

After a while the rain stopped and we built up a good pace and actually had time for a sing song. We chose a local Yorkshire song to sing called “Ilkley Moor bar Tat”

Pilgrims walking to Finisterre

The rest of our day on route to Santa Marina was relatively easy and spotted with rain which made picture opportunities rare although we did see some amazing Galician cows and had to say hello.

Pilgrims watching cows on the Camino Finisterre
a cow on the camino finisterre

We ended up covering 35km today and it turned out to be the hardest day so far. But luckily the sun came out and we recorded a video for everyone.

We got to our lodgings in Santa Marina tired but the sun was shining and a beer was In order with game of cards

Mark Stevens having a beer in Santa Marina
Pilgrim Burny

Accomodation in Santa Marina

The Albergue Casa Pepa was a really nice Albergue on the Camino Finisterre and very clean and welcoming. It is a small and cosyThere are hostel and specialises in Pilgrims walking on the Camino Finisterre. 

They provided a really friendly service, homemade food and friendly atmosphere. Lights out was 10pm and we were tucked up in bed as we had a long 40km day ahead of us tomorrow.

The hostel is a local stone built building and has the Igrexa de Santa Marina de Moronas Romanesque church located a few meters away.

Albergue Casa Pepa

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