Camino Ingles Day 2 – Miño to Hospital de Bruma

After a glorious day walking the ‘English Way’ from Ferrol to Miño todays stage sees us walking the Camino Ingles Day 2 Miño to Hospital de Bruma and boy oh boy its wet and rainy !

Camino Ingles Day 2 - Miño to hospital de bruma

  • Distance – 36km
  • From – Mino
  • To – Hospital de Bruma
  • Min/Max Elevation – 1mm/461m
  • Elevation Gain – 1256m

The Camino Ingles Day 2.  We had a great day yesterday walking from Ferrol and today were heading from Miño to Hospital de Bruma. 

We might need a ‘hospital’ as my Pilgrim pal Burny has been up all night with food poisoning. Not a good start to the day ! and we have 38km to walk today.

We were up early at 7am with ponchos on right from the off. It was throwing it down ! We had a 12km walk to Betanzos and we’re worried that we wouldn’t find anything open at 9am on a Sunday morning. 

We managed to find one cafe open but everything else was closed. Galicia really does have a weather climate not too dissimilar to the UK (without the sun). ie very wet.

raining on The Camino Ingles

We met and had a good chat with “Eddie the Flemish guy”. A real Camino dude that has done about 11 caminos so far including The Camino Del Norte which is a fantastic walk along the northern coast of Spain. 

Some of the Camino stories were really great to listen too and he kept us entertained for nearly an hour.

We set off again and before long we arrived in Betanzos. It is a  nice little town with a very steep walk to get into the little streets and it reminded me of a fortified town. 

After an early morning 12km walk in the rain we are ready for breakfast and Cafe con Leche.


After breakfast we continued our walk and came across some unbelievable sights. Some of the villages in northern Spain along the Camino Ingles have been deserted by the young people who have all left for large cities and we came across a football pitch and local stadium. 

Both overgrown and deserted with no young people to play. what a sight, I could have done with a game !

This Football stadium at Meangos was originally used by Deportivo La Caruna as a summer training ground but is now overgrown and in disrepair.

football pitch on The Camino Ingles

We then got back on the trail in the eucalyptus forest. After a short while we had a deer jump out of the hedge right in front of us. Amazingly it looked at us, waited a while and then jumped back into the hedge. What a sight.

We settled into walking off road and just talked as we walked. It always surprises me the topics of conversation we chat about. 

The Camino is a real leveller and gives you the opportunity to really just talk about anything.

We arrived in a little hamlet called Pasedo and decided to have lunch in local bar/cafe. Cafe Xento no Camino is an amazing little cafe right on The Camino Ingles. 

It turned out to be one of the best lunches we had on this trip. The  Spanish omelette was one of the best I’ve ever had ! After having a bout of food poisoning the night before our friend Pilgrim Burny needed a good meal and the Spanish omelette did the job. 

It was really nice and sets us up for the long walk to Hospital de Bruma.

Spanish omelette on The Camino Ingles

We ended up doing 38km and reached a little Albergue in Hospital de Bruma. We arrived very wet and the albergue was full with lots of wet clothes hanging up to dry. 

The other pilgrims in the albergue were really nice and we all got on chatting about the days walking as well as the weather.  

There is only 1 restaurant in Hospital de Bruma, restaurant Casa Grana,  and this is owned and operated by the albergue. 

As usual we carried out our post walking regime which consists of ordering beers, planning the next days walk, playing cards, chatting with Pilgrims, eating and sleeping.  simples….

The meal was basic but really good and only cost about 12€. Washed down with a few beers and a game of cards we headed of to bed early ready for another big day tomorrow.  

I would definitely recommend staying in Hospital de Bruma especially as the albergue is really nice and their restaurant over the road is close and does a great pilgrims meal.

Accommodation - Albergue de la Xunta de Bruma

Albergue de la Xunta de Bruma

  • 22 beds
  • €8 per person
  • Open April to October
  • Bar, dinner (€12)
  • Pilgrims Only
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