Camino Ingles Day 1 – Ferrol to Mino

The Camino Ingles is a fantastic walk from Ferrol to Santiago de Compostela and the first stage is the Camino Ingles Day 1 – Ferrol to Mino.

If you want a quiet Camino walk in lush countryside, this could be the Camino for you. read on…

Camino Ingles Day 1 overview

  • Distance – 37.5 km
  • From – Ferrol
  • To – Mino
  • Min/Max Elevation – 0m/182m
  • Elevation Gain – 929m

Its Day 1 on the English Way and we are walking from Ferrol to Mino. Our trip started with a flight from Heathrow London and a late arrival into La Coruna followed by a short taxi ride to Ferrol. 

We got to the hotel about 1am and didn’t feel like sleeping whatsoever and luckily there was a bar next to the hotel so we managed to get a few beers before getting to bed about 2am.

We were then up about 8am and headed down to the port to find the traditional starting point on the Camino Ingles. To say we were excited was an under statement.

A long time ago, Ferrol was the place pilgrims would alight from boats arriving from England, Ireland and Northern Europe to start their pilgrimage to Santiago. 

It took a while to find the starting point but eventually we found it in the port area and had a photo to start our journey. What an iconic moment.

Top Tip – Book a hotel near the port the night before you start the Camino Ingles. We booked on the other side of town and had to walk 20 mins backwards to get to the starting point by the port.

The start of the Camino Ingles

After setting off it didn’t take us long to see our first shell in the road and felt right at home. 

The Camino Ingles is one of numerous Caminos and it felt good to be back on the trail. If we just follow the yellow shell I’m sure we’ll get to Santiago in 4 days.

My previous journey on The Camino Frances was amazing and I’m sure this trip will be the same.

Ferrol is a really nice city with lots of little breakfast cafes and bars and we ended up getting some cafe con leche with pain au chocolate before we hit the road. 

Whilst walking through the city we saw the strangest thing that looked strangely like an American KKK statue although one of our readers told us some of the history. 

It’s got something to do the Holy Week in Ferrol which is an International Tourism Atraction. The statue is a child called ‘capuchoncito’. Very interesting indeed.

The first hour’s walking was through the industrial area of the city but we soon veered off the beaten track and into forests of eucalyptus trees and back into nature again. 

Walking through forests of eucalyptus trees on a hot day is an amazing experience and one I associate with The Camino.

capuchoncito in Ferrol on The Camino Ingles

After a few hours walk we arrived into Pontedeume and had a tapas lunch after a walk by the sea. What a fantastic little town and the tapas was fantastic. 

I took my Meindl boots off and let some air to my feet. What a lovely feeling.


The weather along the way got hotter and hotter and we had to take breaks as it was so hot. 

The infrastructure on The Camino Ingles isn’t the same as The Camino Frances and shops and cafes are only in small towns and there aren’t a lo of them. 

Top Tip: Preparation is everything so make sure you stop up on water and snacks, just in case.

We arrived in Mino after a nice day and 32km in the tank. Once again its a long way for Day 1 on a Camino but the 3 of us all train and plan really well and come to each Camino with an above average  level of fitness. 

We enjoyed some Pizza, a few beers and a game of cards as we chilled in the sunshine before hitting the sack about 9.30pm.  A really good first day walking The Camino Ingles.

Accommodation - Albergue de peregrinos de Mino

Albergue de Peregrinos de Mino

I hope you enjoyed my journey on the Camino Ingles Day 1 – Ferrol to Mino, check out the following days walking notes below.

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