Camino Ingles Day 4 – Sigueiro to Santiago

Today is the day we finish our walk on the Camino Ingles and arrive at the magnificent cathedral in Santiago de Compostela. 

Its Day 4, the rain is throwing it down and we’re having a blast !

Camino Ingles day 4 - Sigueiro to Santiago

  • Distance – 16km
  • From – Sigueiro
  • To – Santiago de Compostela
  • Min/Max Elevation – 224m/345m
  • Elevation Gain – 353m

We got up early again and had a fantastic little breakfast laid on for us at the Albergue Camino Real in Sigueiro. I would recommend this Albergue to anyone. It is very clean and friendly and we had a really good nights sleep.

breakfast in the camino real albergue

We left at 6.20am and a Spanish chap we had been chatting to, Juan, asked if he could walk with us for about 12km until the first planned stop for coffee and breakfast. 

He was a really nice guy and just wanted to practise his English with us as we walked. 

We talk a lot so I think he had more practise than he thought he was going to get. The breakfast stop was a truck stop on the outskirts of Santiago and we needed that coffee when we got there. It was really nice as well.

The Cafe con Leche and croissants were sublime and really tasty.

My walking friend, Pilgrim Bob, realised he’d left his glasses at the last Camino Real Albergue, in Sigueiro.

Luckily our new friend Juan, was straight on the hone to see how we could get them back.

The magic of the camino was in hand as he organised for them to be transported to an albergue in Santiago de Compostela for us to pick up after walking the Camino Finisterre. I love the camaraderie of the Camino pilgrims.

So we now set off for Santiago and the Cathedral and goes what, it raining cats and dogs,  again ! 

The Galician weather can be very wet and seems we have walked for days in the wet weather. Heavy thunderstorms are forecast for the rest of the day.

We eventually arrived into Santiago de Compostela and the end of our walk on the Camino Ingles. It was a fabulous walk although very wet.

I tried to video the arrival but my selfie stick was very wet and I dropped the camera so unfortunately limited video of our arrival.

arriving into Santiago de Compostela

We passed some lovely old buildings along the way on our entrance to Santiago de Compostela. My daughter, loves old buildings and ornate doors so I grabbed a picture. 

This one is for you ! One day we will walk The Camino together…….

old building in Santiago de Compostela

After our arrival in Santiago we worked our way over to the bar and cafe area at the side of the cathedral as a coffee and a brandy was in order. 

We sat at this same cafe when we celebrated completing The Camino Frances in 2016, recorded a video and sent to our wives. I hope you enjoy.

Camino Ingles - Summary

The Camino Ingles is a really great walk and is a good start for anyone that wants to walk a Camino and only has a few days to do it.

The weather can be wet but the people and scenery are amazing and its a walk I would recommend to anyone to do. 

The walk is just over a 100km so anyone doing the walk can get their Compostela certificate when they arrives in Santiago de Compostela. 

Getting your completion certificate is really easy as long as you have your Camino passport, the credential, stamped along the way.


Did I enjoy walking The Camino Ingles ?

The Camino Ingles has been an amazing walk. Some days you can walk in total solitude and just chat with Pilgrims, although in my experience you don’t meet a lot of people as its a trail less travelled. 

The scenery and nature are amazing.

The small towns have sparse supplies but are really nice to visit and as always the Galician people are really welcoming and the albergues I stayed in were second to none.

Would I walk The Camino Ingles again ?

Absolutely. I would recommend anyone to walk The Camino Ingles to anyone.

Could a beginner do the Camino Ingles ?

Yes. With a little bit of training this walk is easily achievable.

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