Walking from El Burgo Ranero to Mansilla de las Mulas

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to walk over 30km per day for 4 days in a row  ?

I do, after just doing it and can tell you exactly how it feels. Tiring.  The Camino Frances is an amazing pilgrimage but has a way of teaching you some fantastic life skills.Sometimes you just have to take a rest.

The best thing to do after doing this is too have a short day an rest up and that is exactly what we decided to do when walking the 20km from El Burgo Ranero to Mansilla de las Mulas.

Day 16 Overview

  • Distance – 20km
  • From – El Burgo Ranero
  • To – Mansilla de Las Mulas
  • Min/Max Elevation – 798m/880m
  • Elevation Gain – 35m
  • Steps – 31,000

As it was a short walking day today we had a lie in and watched and listened to other Pilgrims starting their day whilst knowing todays walk on the Camino was going to be pretty easy.

We had a 12km walk before our first stop in the village of Reliegos and had breakfast at a fantastic Cafe bar called Bar Elvis. The whole building is painted in graffiti. We had heard about this bar and had made a beeline to have eat here and it didn’t let us down.  What a great experience.

cafe bar on The Camino de Santiago path

Bar Elvis is a fantastic eclectic bar run by the owner who was an amazing character.

There was a scene from the movie ‘The Way‘ filmed here and the movie plays over and over again in the bar. The beers were extremely cold and the tapas we ordered was amazing.

Walking the Spanish Camino with a cold beer and Tapas in the sunshine is a great experience and one I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

There are also lots of marker pens on the counter and you are encouraged to make your ‘mark’ on the cafe walls and literally anything goes.  so we did !

That’s my big family heart at the top right hand corner of the doorway 🙂 and our camino hashtag of #burnybobandgeorge

Bar Elvis on the Camino Frances

After a relaxing lunch we powered on to Mansilla de las Mulas and the trail was flat all the way with a track at the side of the road. 

This stage is a pretty boring stage. There aren’t a lot of them on the journey to Santiago de Compostela so you just have to get them completed and move on.

Mancilla de las mulas

As we arrived in Mansilla de las Mulas the heavens opened for a short time and I had to dig deep into my Osprey Talon 33 backpack and find my Poncho before arrived at the Albergue.

statue in mancilla de las mulas

Accommodation in Mansilla de las Mulas

We are staying at the Albergue El Jardin del Camino in the centre of the town and its a great place to stay.

We had a quick walk around town to see everything this town has to offer and then it was back to the Albergue bar for a game of cards and then we can chill. and watch the Champions League soccer Final that is on TV tonight.

Hotels in Mansilla de Las Mulas

Hotels in Mansilla de Las Mulas

Some great hotels

private bathrooms

Close to the centre

A day from Leon

Check Price on Booking.com

Things to do in Mansilla de las Mulas

There isn’t a lot to do in Mansilla de las Mulas apart from relaxing and enjoying the wine and Tapas in the local bars. Leon is a few days away and the walking tour of the Cathedral is definitely worth checking out. Its best to book ahead and to make sure you get a spot on the tour.

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