Camino Ingles Day 3 – Hospital de Bruma to Sigueiro

We’re on Day 3 of the Camino Ingles and today we’re walking from Hospital de Bruma to Sigueiro. After an early night last night we had an avalanche of albergue noise last night. Snoring, moving and the other stuff people do in the night !

Camino Ingles Day 3 - Hospital de Bruma to Sigueiro

  • Distance – 25km
  • From – Hospital de Bruma
  • To – Sigueiro
  • Min/Max Elevation – 224m/414m
  • Elevation Gain – 317m

The ‘albergue anthem’ as it is sometimes known can happen a lot in multi bed albergues and takes some getting used too especially if you are a light sleeper. The only advise I can give if you are on Camino Ingles and staying in Albergue’s is to make sure you have some ear plugsSome nights you can’t live without them ! Once in a while it is a good idea to treat yourself to a night in a hotel. You do not need a Pilgrims passport to stay in private accommodation.

We rose early and got up at 6am and on the road at 6.45. Rain was due and it started pretty soon after left. Ponchos at the ready ! We are literally wearing them everyday as it just hasn’t stopped raining. This Camino is very different from the Camino Frances as Galicia is renowned for its annual rainfall. So after an hour we needed a break and had a stop for cafe con Leche and toast and jam in O’Cruceiro. The Cafe bar and food we’re pretty good and well worth a visit !

O'Cruceiro cafe bar on The Camino Ingles

The rest of Day was walking in heavy thunderstorms so we didn’t take any pics, although for half an hour it stopped and low and behold I found another local football ground hidden in the woods. This trip is now my official Camino de football. We walked through forests, passed ancient chapels and churches and passed through numerous small Galician villages. All in a rain storm.

TOP TIP: watch and plan for the weather !

When I arrive back from my investigation into the football pitch my friends had taken a break and found some abandoned furniture in a field and decided to be a tad funny !  Are you comfy there sir ?

pilgrims in a field

We arrived a few hours later in Sigueiro absolutely wet through to the skin and our boots were soaking. We found our accommodation, Albergue Camino Real, which was really nice and had a hot shower and then did a full wash and dry of all our clothes, which the albergue hospitalero helps you with for a few euros. They were super helpful.

Accommodation - Albergue Camino Real

Albergue Camino Real

After we’d showered I went on a walk around the Sigueiro town and found another football pitch, Sigueiro futbal Club. The Camino de Football continues… Sigueiro is a simple straight forward town on The Camino Ingles and really makes me realise this is traditional Spain and why I like walking The Camino Ingles so much. There exists something special about the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela and you can feel it the whole way along the trail.

Sigueiro football club

Camino passport

Every day we collect stamps (cello) in our pilgrim passport and keep collecting to get our Compostela certificate (credential) in Santiago. You have to collect at least 2 cello per day to get your credential and do at least 100km into Santiago. The camino Ingles from Ferrol is over 100km so we will achieve our certificate when we arrive. Here is a copy of my camino pilgrim passport.

camino passport

Pilgrim Meal

Showered, shaved and feeling better we headed out into Sigueiro for our traditional pilgrim meal. Along most camino stages you can find restaurants that provide a pilgrim 3 course meal which normally costs around €12 euro. Its basic food but does the trick after a long day on the path. Some pilgrim meals are better than others but there is normally an added bonus of free wine.

We also have our traditional camino game of cards. The current score is 1 game each. This is played over the whole Camino walk with the winner pocketing €1. High stakes game with bragging rights until our next camino. This really keeps us relaxed and chilled out just playing cards, having a few beers and talking with other pilgrims.

Tomorrow we arrive in Santiago de Compostela and heavy rain is scheduled all day. It seems to rain a lot in Galicia. It’s been 2 years since we last arrived in Santiago de Compostela after our amazing month long journey on the The Camino Frances and we’re really looking forward to seeing the city and Cathedral again. 

One thing we were unable to do on our last trip was walk on the Camino Finisterre and arrive at the ‘end of the world’ so we will only be saying hello to Santiago, having lunch and then continuing on our way through Galicia. The walk to Finisterre is going to take us another 3 days and the distance is 100km.

In ancient times Finisterre was thought to be the end of the known world. We cant wait to get there, look upon the Atlantic Ocean and throw our stones into it, the ones we’ve carried throughout our journey. We’re hoping to watch the sunset but rain is scheduled all week. We have our camino fingers crossed.

Follow along and read about my journey on The Camino Ingles – Day 4 as we walk from Sigueiro into Santiago de Compostela.

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