Camino Frances day 19 Hospital de Orbigo to Santa Catalina

Todays stage is walking on the Camino Frances Day 19 Hospital de Orbigo to Santa Catalina and boy its hot. One of the hottest days we’ve had so far on our journey to Santiago.

Camino Frances Day 19 Overview

  • Distance – 28 km
  • From – Hospital de Orbigo
  • To – Santa Catalina de Somoza
  • Min/Max Elevation – 820m/980m
  • Elevation gain – 382m
  • Steps – 39,000

We had a fantastic day in the afternoon sun in Hospital de Orbigo and after a few glasses of wine In the afternoon we ate and headed to our albergue for an early night.

We headed off on the trail at 6.30am to get a head start before the heat of the sun took hold.

After an hours walking we had a quick stop for coffee and toast in Santibanez de Valdeiglesias and then kept going as we wanted to get to San Justo de la Vega as we’ve been told the best Tortilla on the Camino is here.

We made it San Justo de la Vega and found Bar OasisFolklore says they have the best tortilla on the Camino. We can confirm it too.  It was Glorious and only 2 euros as well.

Pilgrim Burny eating Tortilla

We then had a long walk ahead in the hot sun but came across a little oasis in the middle of nowhere. 

It was a donation only oasis run by David and his partner Susie from Australia. 

Susie told us she had walked the Camino Frances 7 years ago and stopped at David’s oasis and never left !  

They provide food and drink for pilgrims on a donation basis only and sleep by the side of the track all year round. Susie was a real inspiration.

Susie the pilgrim
Pilgrims by a cross on the Camino Frances
Pilgrim Burny in a hammock

The afternoon felt like a real slog but we did pass through the fantastic town of Astorga which is really nice and well worth a stop over.


Astorga is a town in north Spain and sits at the crossroads of the Camino Frances and the Roman Silver Road. It is known for its medieval walled old town and is renowned as the European birthplace of chocolate.

The old town will take you back to a previous point in time as it was a main stopping point for Pilgrims on the Camino to Santiago de Compostela. 

The Episcopal Palace was designed by modernist Antonio Gaudí and houses Los Caminos Museum.

For some of these reasons this is a popular starting point for pilgrims walking the Camino so expect to see an increase in the numbers walking the trail.

Episcopal palace designed by Gaudi in Astorga
Mark Stevens at the Palace in astorga
Pilgrim Burny under the Astorga pilgrim statue

After stopping for coffee and cake in Astorga we had planned to walk further to Santa Catalina so we set off and only had another 5km before we got there.

It was so hot today and one of the hottest since we had been on the Camino. I actually managed to video our trip into Santa Catalina de Somoza.

Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina de Somoza is a really small village and could actually be a hamlet really, its that small.

The Camino route passes directly through the centre of the village and sone of those villages Pilgrims have been staying for centuries.  There are 2 albergues and 1 hostal and a bar and restaurant. that’s it.  We loved it !

Santa Catalina
Church in santa catalina de somoza

We enjoyed some well earned beers sitting along the  path through the centre of the village, chatting with Pilgrims. Does it get any better than this ?

Tomorrow we arrive at the Cruz de Ferro and were really looking forward to leaving the stones we have all been carrying at the Iron Cross.

Accommodation in Santa Catalina

We stayed in Albergue El Caminante which had dormitory rooms and a restaurant.  everything we needed for a night on the Camino de Santiago. ps the food was good too.

Albergue El Caminante

  • 40 beds
  • from €5 per person
  • Open all year
  • Bar, Restaurant and pet friendly.

Hostle Via Avis

  • 6 rooms
  • €12 per person
  • Open all year
  • Laundry, private bathroom

Albergue Hospederia San Blas

  • 36 beds
  • from €5 per person
  • Open all year
  • Shared bathroom, laundry, bar

+34 987 691 411

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