Walking the Camino Frances: Triacastela to Barbadelo

As a pilgrim walking the Camino Frances, Day 24 presents a captivating leg of our journey from Triacastela to Barbadelo.

Brace yourself for an extraordinary adventure, where picturesque villages, bustling towns and exhilarating mountain ascents converge to create an unforgettable experience.

Today we will be walking through Sarria, which is a small city in Galicia and one of the main starting points for Pilgrims wanting to walk to Santiago de Compostela and get their Compostela by doing the minimum 100km.

Triacastela to Barbadelo Overview

  • Distance – 29.4 km
  • From – Triacastela
  • To – Barbadelo
  • Min/Max Elevation – 420m/678m
  • Elevation gain – 827m

Last night at our Albergue was an interesting experience.  We were in a small room with 20 bunk beds so very cosy and we had some loud snorers in with us.

After 23 days of walking The Camino Frances route I pretty used to loud snoring but one chap in the room was a champion snorer… This is what this cosy Albergue looked like.

Pilgrims in an albergue in Triacastela
Pilgrims in an albergue in Triacastela

In this article, we will delve into the length of this route, highlight the albergues and hostels along the way, and introduce you to some of the numerous bars and cafes that await you.

We were up and off at 6.15am again with a planned 29km to be walked today. A lot of the day will be spent in the forest and above the cloud line.

Forests on the route from Triacastela to Barbadelo
Forests on the route from Triacastela to Barbadelo

How long is this section ?

This section of The Camino route from Triacastela to Barbadello spans nearly 30 kilometers. Its at a high altitude level but no real steep climbs so is a relatively manageable and enjoyable walk for most pilgrims. 

You’ll pass through charming villages, forests and the busy suburb of Sarria with buses loading Pilgrims off on route to Santiago.

After walking through the forest for some time and about 10km short of Sarria we came across a lovely little cafe called Casa do Campo near Samos operated by an old Spanish lady. The coffee and cake were lovely.

After relaxing for a while we set off for Sarria.

Pilgrims outside a cafe bar on route from Triacastela to Barbadelo
Pilgrims outside a cafe bar on route from Triacastela to Barbadelo
Pilgrim after a coffee on route to Sarria
Pilgrim after a coffee on route to Sarria


Sarria is a charming city nestled in the heart of Galicia. It holds a significant place in the hearts of many pilgrims embarking on the final stretch of the Camino de Santiago. 

Known as the gateway to the last 100 kilometers of the journey, It’s a popular choice and starting point for many local pilgrims seeking to complete the pilgrimage and obtain their Compostela.

The city boasts a vibrant atmosphere, bustling streets, and a welcoming spirit that embraces weary travellers. It also has a rich cultural and historical heritage.

As pilgrims gather in Sarria, they join a diverse community of walkers, sharing stories, camaraderie and a common goal of reaching Santiago de Compostela.

One of the city’s highlights is the Monastery of Magdalena, a beautiful Romanesque structure that dates back to the 13th century. Its serene atmosphere invites moments of reflection and contemplation before embarking on the pilgrimage.

Sarria is also known for its good food, offering pilgrims an opportunity to savour the local cuisine. From traditional Galician dishes like pulpo a la gallega (octopus), empanadas (savoury pies), to hearty local wines, there are plenty of options to indulge in after a long day’s walk.

From Sarria, the landscape unfolds, revealing lush forests, rolling hills, and picturesque villages that lead the way to the ultimate destination, Santiago de Compostela

There are a large set of stairs as you start the ascent out of Sarria. I thought I would do my ‘Rocky’ impression and try and run up them in hiking boots. what a mistake !

We then stopped for a Bocadillo on the outskirts of Sarria and it was one of the best we have had on the whole trip. They are a staple food on the Camino and really cheap as well.

Pilgrim eating a bocadillo in Sarria
Pilgrim eating a bocadillo in Sarria
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We had decided not to stay in Sarria due to large number of Pilgrims and thought it would be a good idea to get a head start and be half a stage ahead.

We choose to stay at the Albergue Pension – Casa Barbadelo because we were told it had a swimming pool. We had our fingers crossed as we had missed a swimming pool at a stop a week earlier.

We checked in to our rooms which were really pleasant and walked around the back of the Albergue and low and behold, the swimming pool was amazing !

swimming pool at Albergue Casa Barbadelo near Sarria
swimming pool at Albergue Casa Barbadelo near Sarria

This was the first swimming pool on our camino journey as we had narrowly missed one on our Day 20 journey from Santa Catalina to El Acebo, so we had to celebrate.

We got a bed around the pool, had a swim with a nice bottle of white wine. We got talking to a great family from Canada who had a 13 yr old son walking with them and ended up chatting all afternoon.

There is also a Bar and restaurant at Casa Barbadelo and we ate here before getting an early night.

Casa Barbadelo Bar and Restaurant
Casa Barbadelo Bar and Restaurant

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Bars and Cafes

Walking the Camino Frances is not just about the physical journey; it’s also about the camaraderie of fellow pilgrims and experiencing the local culture and the local cuisine.

Here are a few bars and cafes where you can relax and connect with other pilgrims along this stretch of the Camino Frances from Triacastela to Barbadelo.

  1. Pizzeria Matias Locanda: This is a really good Italian restaurant on the Run Maior, the main walk up through Sarria. The Bocadillos are to die for.
  2. Casa do Campo: A great little cafe bar near Samos and directly on the Camino Frances route. Well worth a coffee and cake when passing by.
  3. Restauranta O Tapas: Hearty Pilgrim meals, friendly staff and good atmosphere in the centre of Sarria.

Albergues & Hostels

Along this stretch of the Camino Frances there are several good albergues and hostels with Sarria being an important stopping point for Pilgrims. 

Consider booking ahead if you are planning on staying in Sarria as it can get very crowded.

Here are some Albergue suggestions:

  1. Casa Barbadelo: Located about 6km after Sarria in Barbadelo with a good bar and restaurant and a big swimming pool. I stayed here and love the place. Highly recommended.
  2. Pension O Camino: Guest house in the centre of Sarria with a shared lounge and kitchen for the budget traveller..
  3. Hotel Alfonso IX: Modern hotel in the centre of Sarria surrounded by gardens and close the the river. If you fancy a bit of luxury on the trail, this is it.
Check out all the Albergue and hotel accommodation options in Sarria on booking.com


The Camino Frances from Triacastela to Barbadelo is a relatively easy section of the pilgrimage and apart from the busy city of Sarria is easy forest walking.

Sarria is a great place to stay if you want to have a shorter stage but is the epicentre of Pilgrims walking the last 100km into Santiago de Compostela so can get busy and rowdy.

So lace up your boots, grab your guidebook and embrace the beauty of Galicia and the Camino Frances.

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