Camino Frances Day 2 Roncesvalles to Zabaldiki

Today on the Camino Frances Day 2 Were walking from Roncesvalles to Zabaldiki of our Camino Frances walk and we’re leaving the monastery at Roncesvalles and it’s going to be a long day. 

Well, before I tell you about today’s journey, last nights sleeping antics have to be explained !

Camino Frances Day 2 Overview

  • Distance – 37.5km
  • From – Roncesvalles
  • To – Zabaldiki
  • Terrain – up and down valleys walking downhill most of the way
  • Min/Max elevation – 434m/947m
  • Elevation gain – 808m
  • Steps – 55,000

We experienced the Camino dormitory anthem last night, which is the constant snoring and farting from over 100 people all sharing the same space. 

Now I can snore with the best of them but a lady in the next cubicle eclipsed even Bob the Pilgrim!!  It was like sleeping next to a run away train…. Order your ear plugs here

I was up at 3am and didn’t really get back to sleep again. First night nerves I guess. The lights in the dorm were turned on at 6am and we were treated to the monks from the monastery singing songs whilst walking up and down each corridor waking pilgrims young and old.  

It was a great sight to behold and one of those special experiences. 

We were packed and ready to leave by 6.15am. We opened the albergue door to head off walking to be presented with a torrential thunderstorm. 

It was time to put our Ponchos on and we set off on our travels and got thoroughly wet through. On the outskirts of Burguete we passed the White Cross (Cruz Blanca). 

It’s a symbol of divine purification erected as protection against the witches healing arts. It was really interesting to see even in a thunderstorm.

It then proceeded to rain for be next 4 hours and we got absolutely drenched. I’m really glad I had a good Poncho with me. 

At Espinal we had breakfast. It’s a really traditional Spanish village and the sandwiches and Spanish omelette we’re amazing and well received.

We pushed on and arrived at a medieval bridge as we entered Zubiri. It’s called the Puente de la Rabia and crosses over the Rio Arga. 

It’s named Rabia as the legend says that any animal led 3 times around the central arch would be cured of rabies. Amazing stuff. 

Zubiri is a really great little town and the Spanish omelette at a little cafe in town was really delicious. There are a few good Albergues in Zubiri.

We have really pushed ourselves today and covered 37.5km !

Todays walk on the Camino has taken over 9hrs walking in forests with amazing views. The walking today was tough and planning is needed to do this distance etc. Great views but tough going. I found this great camino relic and took a great picture.

camino boot

We finally arrived at the albergue in Zabaldika which is a small church run by Nuns !  The sisters of the sacred heart !  And it is a ‘donation‘ only albergue which means you have to give the value you think the overnight stay was worth. 

This doesnt mean is a freebie and you can leave for free. Just leave €10-€15 for your stay and this helps cover the food for the next night of Pilgrim travellers

zabaldiki church

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We were hoping the evening pilgrim meal was going to be good although we have to go to Mass beforehand to get our passports stamped !

Everything was fine and the meal was really good. After relaxing we were tucked up in bed for about 9.30pm and ready for some sleep. Let’s hope we don’t have any snorers in the room…….

Albergue Parroquial de Zabaldiki


I hope you enjoyed reading about the walking stage on the Camino Frances Day 2 from Roncesvalles to Zabaldiki. 

To follow our journey read about our travels on Day 3 – Zabaldiki to Puente La Reina.

Mark Stevens
Mark Stevens

I am a long distance walking nerd and fell in love with the Camino de Santiago in 2016 when I walked the French Way for the first time. I've been blogging since then and my aim is to help all Pilgrims with hiking and walking advice.

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