Best Albergues in Burguete for Pilgrims

There are a few Albergues in Burguete and are really pilgrim friendly. Its only a couple of km further than Roncesvalles and is a good alternative if you don’t want to stay in the large Albergue de Peregrinos in Roncesvalles.

In high season it’s a good alternative to the busy albergues in Roncesvalles especially as they can get really busy.


Albergues in Burguete

Burguete has some great albergues and perfect for staying in a small village environment with excellent cafes and bars.

It is famous for Ernest Hemingway staying here in 1924 whilst on a fishing trip and describes it in his novel ‘the sun also rises’

I will cover the available albergues in Burguete as well as other accommodation options that are available.

map of burguete


Burguete is a small village directly on the Camino Frances and consists of one main street with houses, supermarkets, restaurants and bars.

The village is larger than Roncesvalles and has all the amenities you would need to pick up extra snacks and drinks if needed.

The next few stops along the Camino Frances are as follows:

  • Espinal – 3.7km
  • Bizkarreta – 9km
  • Zubiri – 18.7km
  • Larrasoana – 23.9km
  • Pamplona – 39km

The Albergue you choose will probably be quiet as most Pilgrims decide to stay in Roncesvalles for the evening.

Accommodation in Burguete

There is a good selection of accommodation options in Burguete. After the walk over the Pyrenees it’s always a good choice to get somewhere to stay that has a laundry option.

I typically do my laundry every 2 days on the Camino as I travel very light. Check out my Camino packing list.

Albergues in Burguete

There is one albergue in Burguete called the Lorentz Aterpea. There are 7 dormitories and lots of beds and its right in the centre of the village.

Albergue Lorentx Aterpea

  • 42 beds
  • €15 per person
  • Open All year
  • Laundry, Kitchen

Casa Rural in Burguete

There are a few Casa Rural accommodation options in the village. They cost a little more but you will have your own room and a little more comfort.

Casa Rural Pedroarena

  • 6 rooms
  • from €30 a room
  • Open all year
  • Laundry, Kitchen, private bathroom

Casa Bergara Landetxea

  • 5 rooms, 10 beds
  • from €40 a room
  • Open all year
  • Fireplace, garden, lounge

Don Jauregui de Burguete

  • 7 rooms
  • from €30 a room
  • Open all year
  • Kitchen, garden, laundry, private bathroom

Hotels in Burguete

There are only a small number of hotels in Burguete and most allow booking direct via their website but the Hotel Loizu is a good option to think about. some local ones are

Hotel Loizu

  • 27 rooms
  • Rooms from €85
  • Open all year
  • Garden, lounge, terrace, restaurant

Where to eat in Burguete

There are lots of bars and restaurants in Burguete and all offer food, beers with a good atmosphere. Check out this list on trip advisor of all the options available.

What to do in Burguete

Burguete is a small village so has limited options for anything to do apart from visiting the church of Saint Nicolas de Bari in the centre of the village.

My advise once are settled in after a good shower is to chill over a drink and plan your journey for the next day as well as reflecting on your pilgrimage to date.

If you are planning on leaving early it may be worthwhile to get some breakfast provisions at the local supermarket as the local shops and Spanish cafes don’t always open early.

Writing in a journal is often a good way to reflect and record memories so you don’t forget anything. I use a really simple Camino journal that has day by day pages for notes as well as.

Fiesta in Burguete

The festival of San Juan takes place on the 23rd/ 24th June. On the 23rd young people in the village dance the “Tribuli” dance in front of the authorities and then jump over the bonfires.

This is repeated four times throughout the village. 

The following day is the patron saint’s festival and there are open-air dances and lots of different events.


Burguete is a great village for a stop over and is a good option if you decide not to stay in Roncesvalles.

Staying in one of the Casa Rural houses in your own private room can be a real treat after walking over the Pyrenees.

The village is small but has all the adequate shops, bars and cafes you will need and if you choose the right accommodation you can even get your laundry done whilst chilling in the afternoon sunshine.

Buen Camino

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