12 Easy Tips for Walking The Worcestershire Way

The Worcestershire Way is a walk through the gorgeous English countryside of West Worcestershire. The walk rolls through a fertile green landscape dotted with woodlands, orchards and valleys in true British countryside tradition.

As a passionate long distance walker, the Worcestershire Way captured my imagination. It offered the perfect opportunity to escape the daily grind and immerse myself in the beauty of an English countryside walk.

In this article, I’ll share my journey along the Worcestershire Way, offering valuable information for fellow walkers and ramblers. It will enable you to be prepared for the walk ahead.

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worcestershire way

How Long is the Worcestershire Way

The Worcestershire Way is located in Worcestershire, England. It stretches 31 miles (50km) from North to South across the county of Worcestershire 

It starts in the historic Georgian town of Bewdley and finishes in old spa town of Great Malvern. 

The trail weaves around local villages, forests, apple orchards and fields as it snakes its way through beautiful countryside along the trail.

For weekend walkers, this distance might seem daunting, but don’t be discouraged. If you don’t want to tackle the walk in one go you can break it down into 2 or 3 sections, allowing you to appreciate it at your own pace.

How Long Does the Worcestershire Way Take to walk

The duration to complete the Worcestershire Way can vary depending on your walking pace and the number of stops you make. 

I love long distance walking so decided to cover the walk in one day but it is most walked as a 2 or 3 day journey. 

Most experienced hikers might finish it in two. The beauty of this trail is its flexibility; you can adapt it to suit your preferred timeline, making it an ideal choice for weekend walkers.

If you decide to walk the route in 1 day be ready for at least 13 hours on the trail.

It is a waymarked footpath, on which you can walk or cycle (in summer) passing through quiet lanes, fields and historic sites. Look out for signs with the Worcestershire Pear Logo.

Leaving Bewdley the path takes a route over the Hills near Abberley, Penny and Ankerdine before crossing the River Teme and arriving in Martley at the half way point. 

You will encounter more hills near Suckley before striding up the northern Malvern Hills finishing in the glorious Spa town of Great Malvern.

There are cafes, bars and restaurants galore in Great Malvern to celebrate a great achievement as well as hotels for relaxing those aching muscles.

Do I Need a Guidebook for the Worcestershire Way?

While guidebooks and maps can be helpful, they are not essential for the Worcestershire Way. The trail is well marked with signposts, and fellow hikers are usually happy to offer directions. 

However, having a guidebook can provide extra reassurance, especially if you’re not familiar with the area.

Worcestershire County Council released a guidebook some years ago that is still relevant today and gives some good pointers to look out for as well as some good information on sections of the walking stages. 

If you want a copy you can purchase it here BUY it here

worcestershire way signpost

How Do I Get to the Start of the Worcestershire Way?

Accessing the Worcestershire Way’s starting point is straightforward. I chose to drive to Bewdley, where parking is readily available. It can be easily reached on the A456.

Alternatively, public transportation, including trains and buses, can take you to Bewdley or Great Malvern, allowing you to select your preferred starting location with ease. Trains run directly from large towns like Kidderminster which connects with the largest city in the Midlands, Birmingham. 

One possible option is taking a taxi from the train station at Kidderminster or maybe get dropped off by someone you know which would reduce costs.

Great Malvern also has a mainline UK train station so getting home is relatively easy.

What Do I Pack for the Walk

The Worcestershire Way is a challenging long distance walk and it is essential that you pack adequately for a long journey ahead especially as you will be walking for most of the day. This is crucial for an enjoyable journey.

It is also critical to ensure snacks and drinks are packed for the journey as the opportunity to refill and stop for refreshments is very limited along the trail.

There is a possibility of rain or strong winds at any time, so don’t forget your waterproof clothing. I use the Osprey Talon 33 Ltr backpack which easily took a change of clothes, drinks and snacks for the walk.

There are no public toilets along the route, so if you need to go during the day then ask at the pub in Martley which is at the half way stage or go in the woods but remember to always leave no sign you’ve been there.

My packing list included essentials such as 

  • Water – I took a 2 ltr bladder and topped up at the half way stage
  • Snacks – take lots of high energy snacks for the day
  • Lunch – take lunch as there is only one place to get anything
  • Rain jacket – just in case of rain
  • T Shirt – Technical Lightweight T shirt
  • Fleece – I use a lightweight fleece
  • Walking shorts or trousers
  • Micro fleece – for layering
  • Walking socks – I use Bridgedale Moreno wool socks
  • Walking boots – Choose sturdy walking Boots.
  • Head torch – if walking in winter
  • Walking poles – There are some hills to walk up
  • Backpack – I use the Osprey Talon 33 Daypack

If you can get support on the journey and have someone meet you for lunch that would definitely reduce the amount of weight you have to carry and worth thinking about.

When is the best time to walk the Worcestershire Way

Whether you’re walking this trail for the first time or have completed it many times, there are a few questions you should ask yourself before you set out. 

It’s important to consider what time of year it is and at what time of day you plan on starting your journey. 

The best times of year for the walk are during Spring, Summer and Autumn when the weather is warmer. 

It is a more challenging walk in the Winter months, and the same can be said for a number of walks around the UK such as the Dales Way walk.

I walked this trail at the end of May and faced sun, wind and heavy rain all in one day, so be prepared.

Is There Accommodation on the Route?

There is limited accommodation along the Worcestershire Way but enough to spend a night in a cosy pub or a B&B if you split the walk up over 2/3 days. 

I would recommend the following accomodation options for a stop over:


The Admiral Rodney - Martley

The Admiral Rodney is a really good refurbished pub with good food and beer. They even have some garden pods to stay in and they will give you a good welcome at the halfway stage of this long distance path.

The Lion - Clifton on Time

A couple of miles off the path but your always guaranteed a warm welcome at this country pub in Clifton on Teme.

If you call from the halfway stage in Martley its been known for them to come and pick you up.

B&B - Martley

Martley has numerous options for a place to stay for the night although the pub in the village is closed and has been for some time. 

If you fancy a pint you’ll have to walk to the Admiral Rodney which is about a 15 minute walk.

The Talbot at Knightwick

The Talbot Inn at Knightwick is past half way but a fantastic place to stop for the evening. You can have beers by the river and a lovely meal as well

The Scenic Highlights

The Worcestershire Way’s scenic highlights left me in awe. The Wyre Forest, in particular, stood out with its towering trees, dappled sunlight, and the soothing sounds of nature. 

The clock tower at the former Abberley Hall School was also a fantastic site after a good ascent although there is another ascent to come shortly along the Abberley Hills ridge and the views of the Teme valley are to die for.

Worcestershire is a region steeped in history and culture. Along the trail, you’ll encounter charming villages and historic landmarks. 

Just off the trail Great Witley, for instance, is home to the magnificent Witley Court and Gardens—a former country house, now a captivating ruin. 

Well worth a visit if you have the time.

witley court near the worcestershire way walk
witley court near the worcestershire way walk

Challenges & Rewards

The Worcestershire Way offered an ideal balance of challenges and rewards for any walker. While there were inclines and uneven terrain, they were well within the capabilities of most walkers. 

The sense of accomplishment as I reached each milestone was incredibly rewarding and some of the views that stretched before me were amazing.

I have walked some long distances on the Camino de Santiago and this walk is as good as any of those walking days.

Meeting Fellow Adventurers

One of the unexpected joys of the Worcestershire Way was the sense of camaraderie among fellow walkers. 

Along the route, I engaged in conversations with hikers from diverse backgrounds, with many of the people walking for charity. 

So you may encounter groups doing this.

This unique sense of community definitely made it a better days walk for me and enhanced my overall experience of the Worcestershire Way.

As a Worcestershire resident I have also walked this trail in winter and hardly saw another soul apart from dog walkers and a few fellow hikers.

Tasting Worcestershire's Culinary Delights

There are limited options for food on this route so its essential you pack your supplies for the day. 

There are options to eat at a few points throughout the walk and these are a delight when they present themselves. Timing is everything though so please check ahead.

From a hearty pub lunch at the Admiral Rodney in Martley or a sandwich at the Talbot in Knightwick, these all showcase some really great local food.

Its always good to book a table ahead to make sure you can get seated.

Great Malvern also has a selection of great restaurants, hotels and cafes when you get to the end of your walk so you can celebrate your achievement.

Capturing Memories - Photography Tips

While I may not be a professional photographer, the Worcestershire Way turned me into a shutterbug. 

The changing landscapes and the play of light and shadow offer endless opportunities for capturing Worcestershire’s amazing beauty. 

My advice? Keep your camera or smartphone at the ready and capture the moments that take your breath away. These are a couple of my favourite photos on our journey on the Worcestershire way.

Worcestershire way signpost near Knightwick
walking the worcestershire way

Finishing the Worcestershire Way

Reaching Great Malvern, the endpoint of the Worcestershire Way, was a culmination of effort after a long day and a moment for reflection. 

It marked the conclusion of my walking journey through some of Worcestershire’s finest landscapes, history and culture. 

I realised that walking the Worcestershire Way, is not just a physical journey; it’s a chance to connect with nature, history and fellow walkers. 

It’s an adventure that celebrates the simple pleasure of putting one foot in front of the other and exploring the world at a leisurely pace. One step at a time.


In conclusion, the Worcestershire Way is a walk that perfectly caters to ramblers of all experiences seeking a fulfilling long distance journey.

The walk can be split into a 1,2 or 3 day walk, making a perfect walk to take your time and enjoy the amazing Worcestershire countryside.

Mark Stevens
Mark Stevens

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