Day 11 – Burgos to Hornillos del Camino

After yesterday’s mega walk into Burgos we gorged on pizza last night and promptly went straight back to the hotel to sleep. By the time I had showered Pilgrim Bob was snoring his head off !!

Todays walk is from Burgos to Hornillos del Camino and takes us to the start of the Meseta, the high plains of Spain.

Day 11 Overview

We were up and out for 7.30am and we have a shorter day planned a today of 22km. On the Camino Frances you have to walk few short days every so often just to replenish your energy and Burgos is the perfect place to celebrate and release some energy and relax.

Burgos is a lovely city and I am 100% sure I will return for a weekend break or even walking on the Camino Frances again.

We found the only early morning cafe open at the bus station and went there for breakfast. We had what can only be described as  the biggest  piece of doorstep toast I’ve ever seen. 

Pilgrim Bob was in heaven.

doorstep toast in Burgos

The toast was delicious but we had to get back on ‘The Way’ and our walk led us back past Burgos Cathedral and we had one last glimpse of this magnificent building.

Burgos cathedral in the morning

We left and walked towards the outskirts of Burgos. I was looking forward to the Pilgrim statue on the edge of the city and then walking down the tree lined park where one of the famous scenes from ‘The Way’ was filmed. 

The scene was the day after Martin Sheen had his backpack stolen and was being walked to the outskirts of town by the father of the boy who stole the backpack. We all remember it right ?

It didn’t disappoint and with the early morning sun was magnificent.

Pilgrim statue in Burgos
tree lined park in Burgos

We stopped for cafe con Leche (again) and then the climb to get on the Meseta. This section of the Camino is through wheat fields and its damn hot and lasts for numerous days. It is the hardest part of the Camino Frances in my opinion especially from a mental perspective.

We stopped in the shade for a self made tomato, cheese and sardine baguette. Gorgeous ! For a couple of euros you can buy lunch and the sardines are a great source of protein.

sardine and cheese sandwich on the Camino Frances

Todays journey from Burgos to Hornillos del Camino was short at 22km and actually was a godsend as we only just managed to get into the Albergue de Peregrinos de Hornillos del Camino.

It seems a lot of people have started their Camino in Burgos and its getting really busy.

This Albergue turned out to be really good and has a kitchen and laundry facilities. We did our washing and then decided to make our own dinner. Pilgrim Bob was the chef for the night and something he really wanted to do on this trip.

He made us a great pasta dish washed down with a local red wine and all for a few euros. We had a fantastic pilgrim experience on the Camino. Hornillos del Camino is a really small one bar/one shop village and great to pass through.

pasta dish in an albergue

Accommodation in Hornillos el Camino

Hornillos del Camino is a really small village with limited accommodation options. My recommendation if you are stopping here is to leave early in the morning and arrive just after lunch.

You can then relax for the rest of the day and talk with other Pilgrims on the Camino.

Albergue de Peregrinos de Hornillos del Camino

+34 689 784 681

Case de Sol a Sol

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the walk on the Camino Frances Day 11 – Burgos to Hornillos del Camino.

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