10 Paths to Santiago

Read about the crossroads in life that inspired Danish Pilgrim Marianne Sommer to write a book about the journeys of 10 pilgrims walking 10 paths to Santiago de Compostela.

Ten personal stories about walking the Camino told by pilgrims from around the world.

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Working as a volunteer on the Camino

In 2019 Danish Pilgrim Marianne Sommer quit her permanent job to fulfil a dream of working as a volunteer abroad. After several months she ended up in Spain where she decided to sign up for a job at an albergue (hostel) on the Camino trail.

To get into the Camino vibe she walked a part of the trail before arriving at the tiny town Hornillos del Camino where her job was to serve breakfast for the passing pilgrims and taking care of the cleaning too.

While serving coffee and toasted bread she had a lot of interesting conversations with the pilgrims who came from all over the world with very different approaches, ages and life situations.

At the breakfast table she got the idea to write a book that could give experienced and future pilgrims an insight into how different an experience a pilgrimage can be. When Marianne got back to Denmark in 2020 she found 10 different pilgrims from around the world who had an interesting story to tell.

These interviews have become her book ‘10 paths to Santiago’

Marianne Sommer
Marianne Sommer

The 10 Pilgrims who walked the Camino de Santiago

In the book ‘Ten Paths to Santiago’, ten pilgrims from around the world share their insights on what it is like to accomplish part of or an entire Camino trail leading to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

Although every pilgrim’s path is an individual experience, one thing unites them all. Their pilgrimage is a sacred personal adventure that has made them grow as individuals – and, for some, even sparked life-changing decisions. 

Journey with the pilgrims. Learn their motivations for walking, their biggest challenges and surprises, their most memorable moments and encounters, their best advice and greatest lessons learned. 

Martina – Finding my way home

For the first time in her life, Martina decided to travel alone. On the Camino she realised she could be happy in her own company, an insight that set her off on her own personal journey.

Ruairo – An experience that keeps on giving

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Jennie & Dennis – Perfect teamwork

An unforgettable experience with a spiritual touch as well as challenges that brought them closer together as a couple. Dennis and Jennie look back on their Camino walk.

Rick – Life changing acquaintances

He had felt depressed and isolated for a long time and hoped that a long walk on his own would make him feel better. It did – but not in the way he had imagined.

Nathan – The Camino starts when it ends

The Camino journey provided Nathan with surprising solutions for his future but did not come up with the roadmap to implement them. That set him off on a spiritual journey.

Soren - From Hopeless to Hero

Soren was devastated. He had lost his girlfriend, his job and his home within only a month. Walking the Camino turned out to be a complete game changer for him.

Joana – Goodbye to the Treadmill

Joana was on the verge of a burnout when she walked the Camino. It was the beginning of a transformation where she exchanged her stressful job for a new profession where she meets Pilgrims everyday.

Tiera – Living the Camino life 24/7

Tiera left her marriage and her home to walk her first Camino. It inspired her to live a life with more freedom.

Francois – Love, Brotherhood and a Crook

The Camino is a fast track to self-development, francois believes is a busy businessman who came back from the trail less arrogant, more vulnerable, more open minded and with great stories to tell.

Pedro – The Wonders of Cycling

Pedro discovered that there are several advantages of cycling the Camino: it is easier to find time for it than walking, the physical challenge influences your mind in a positive way, and you get the opportunity to make your journey a unique solitary experience.


Marianne Sommer’s story is a wonderful outcome of that perilous moment when life takes you to the crossroads and you choose a step that changes your like. She has totally inspired by the Pilgrims she met and wrote about especially Tiera’s story.

She has since sold her home and is now a digital nomad living a much more free life than ever before.

The Pilgrims she interviewed and their stories follow that same thread of life changing experiences and really are inspirational. I particularly like Soren’s story:

After losing his girlfriend, his house and his job Soren walks the Camino Frances and discovers his own self, the one he remembers as a child as well as the confidence to overcome obstacles that are in his way.

He used this new found confidence to battle his way through cancer. Walking the Camino enabled him to take a giant leap mentally and really find himself. He has been back to the Camino again, as we all do, and walking now features in how daily life. A real uplifting story.

This a great book to read and get a broad perspective of what it is like to walk the Camino and what to expect whether you are an experienced Camino walker or a beginner.

Be inspired. Be moved. Get going!

10 Paths to Santiago: Ten personal stories - told by pilgrims from around the world

Ten personal stories about walking the Camino told by pilgrims from around the world.

  • Independently published
  • 5 out 5 stars on Amazon reviews
  • 114 pages
  • 5.3 ounces

A great read about the Camino for a beginner or a Camino veteran

Author: Marianne Sommer

Website: 10 Paths to Santiago

Instagram: @10pathstosantiago

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