Camino Frances Day 5 – Azqueta to Torres del Rio

Camino Frances Day 5 Overview

Todays walk see us walking from Azqueta to Torres del Rio and only 26km although the weather forecast looks like its going to be a hot day.

We had a fantastic time in La Perla Negra Albergue last night. 8 people in a Spanish ladies home called Helena, and she cooked us all a home cooked meal.

There were 3 Brits, 4 Germans, an American and 1 pilgrim from Brazil. We were in our hosts loft and the food was brilliant !! A really fabulous pilgrim dinner in an albergue hosted by the owner who has walked the Camino herself.

La perla Negra albergue

Once again we had a night with a lot of people snoring and I was woke up even though I had my ear plugs in. It turned out to be the loudest night of my pilgrimage on the Camino Frances, the French way,  to Santiago de Compostela.

As we were up early we decided to get an early start again and we were up at 6.45am and set off walking the trail at 7am and we were in for a Camino treat.

Once again we are up early to witness a Camino sunrise and this one was absolutely amazing !

Camino sunrise

Our walk on Day 5 of the Camino Frances takes us from the quiet hamlet of Azqueta and Villamayor de Monjardin through to the bustling town of Los Arcos. We had a relaxing coffee in the square by the church Iglesia parroquial de Santa María de los Arcos. This church is fabulous and well worth a visit especially if you stay the night in Los Arcos.

Our whole days walk was through undulating countryside and fabulous after leaving the warm city walks of Estella behind.  The afternoon was absolutely boiling and Made us wish we had left Azqueta an hour earlier in the morning.

Top Tip – Check the weather forecast and leave your Albergue ear if its going to be hot !

Pilgrims walking the Camino Frances to Torres del Rio
lunch on the Camino Frances

Pilgrim Passport

Every night we have to get our ‘pilgrim’ passport stamped so thought I would show you all what this looks like after getting our passport stamped at La Perla Negra Albergue in Azqueta. 

They say you are supposed to get your passport stamped twice a day to be eligible for your ‘credential’ when arriving in Santiago de Compostela which we did most days although on some days we only got one.

We weren’t challenged when getting our credential but still aim for two stamps per day. You can get these in bars, cafes, hotels and albergues.  Sometimes even in a church.

camino passport with stamps

Accomodation in Torres del Rio

We then left Los Arcos and continued walking on The Camino Frances for another 12km passing through Sansol to our destination for the night, Torres del Rio. 

We stayed in the Albergue Hotel Rural le Pata de Oca in the centre of the village. It’s a great old Knights Templar hotel and even has a small plunge pool to have a swim in on a hot day. The history of the Knights Templar is really interesting and evident.

We ate at the Hotel de San Andres which has rooms and also has a plunge pool. This evenings pilgrims meal was a great tuna salad, lamb shank and desert plus free wine. All for €15 euro per person. I recommend staying and eating here as well.

Available beds – 42 beds in 8 rooms with a garden bar, restaurant and peaceful vibe.

Cost – 60 Euro for a 3 bed private room which really suited us.

The public albergue in the village is called Casa Mariella and has 70 rooms for 10 euro a night bookable on arrival. All 3 are worth staying in 🙂 

Albergue Hotel Rural le Pata de Oca

Hostel Rural San Andres

Albergue Casa Mariella

I hope you enjoyed reading about the walking stage on Day 5 – Azqueta to Torres el Rio.

To follow our journey read about our travels on Day 6 Torres del Rio to Navarrete.

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